Sign Our Petition: Stop Pres. Obama’s Final Days of Danger.

17 days ago




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Stop the 73 Days of Danger

We face President Obama’s most dangerous 73 days.

The election is over, but President Obama remains in office. There are reports he still has a “huge agenda.”

He is plotting to abandon Israel, take numerous unconstitutional Executive actions, undermine the law, and more.

We will not back down from fighting the insidious corruption.

We have defeated his lawlessness before – including unanimously at the Supreme Court – but now, in his final days, he is preparing to ramp up his lawless actions.

Our Government Accountability Project is prepared to defeat President Obama and stop him from crushing the Constitution.

We’ve filed 8 legal demands to stop the out-of-control corruption. We’ve filed 4 massive lawsuits in federal court confronting: 1) the Iran lie, 2) pay-to-play collusion, 3) genocide inaction, and 4) DOJ corruption. We’re beating back the IRS. We’re ready to go back to federal court. Take action now:

Petition to Stop President Obama’s 73 Days of Danger



The Countdown to Comey Caving has Ended

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We told you from Day One that President Obama’s FBI Director James Comey has mishandled the investigation into the State Department email scandal. For the third time in the final four months of a presidential election, Director Comey has interjected himself into the political process. He conducted…


ACLJ Files Lawsuit Over Lynch’s Secret Meeting

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I told you about the Obama Justice Department’s incompetence and corruption when, over four months ago, I called for Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s resignation. I told you about General Lynch’s decision to hold a secret meeting on her airplane with former President Bill Clinton – just days before…


Obama Admin’s Orwellian Justice Dept.

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FBI Reopening DOS Email Scandal Investigation

By Jay Sekulow28 days ago

FBI Director James Comey has just informed Congress that new information has come to light in the previously closed investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “personal email server” and the State Department email scandal, and the FBI is taking “appropriate investigative steps”