Palestinian UN Employees Praise Hitler, Promote Anti-Semitism on Social Media

UNRWA incitement

United with Israel The Global Movement for Israel ™


The DAESH and Muslim countries has been slaughtering innocent people because they’re different and society just sat on the fence (oh Jack I’m okay, how about you!!!) THE OBAMA ‘BIN LADEN’ AND HIS MUSLIM INFECTED GOVERNMENT. . . .   DID NOTHING. The whole rotten lascivious liberal world DID NOTHING AND ARE STILL DOING NOTHING AND NOBODY IS STOPPING THE SLAUGHTER RIGHT NOW!!!!

Did you see how quickly those animals howl . . . persecution!!! . . . in the far east eg. Myanmar, the very country where Christians are persecuted beyond endurance with NO POLITICAL OUTCRY. THE LYING MEDIA, DEAD QUIET ON THE MATTERS except when Muslims cried out! . Maybe just maybe THE SHOE NEEDS TO CHANGE FEET and every F***** that has blood on their hands, taken to France to face the SCAVOTTO SO THOSE EVIL MURDERING SWINE’S HEADS MY ROLL TOO!!

MAY THE SLAUGHTER OF EG.  . . .DAESH . . . BE SWEET IN THE EYES OF THOSE SOULS WAITING IN EXPECTATION AT THE GREAT THRONE JUDGEMENT!! . It is time to take action against those who wish the return and promotion of anti-Semitism. ‘Shaalu Shalom Yerushalayim’ Yes we wil maintain it standing in the gap though we are Christian, Shalom bless Yisrael the blessing of all mankind. Maranatha!! PS. Yes I’m angry!

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