Why did the Russian Prime Minister just visit Jerusalem and Jericho? Moscow is moving aggressively to fill the vacuum Obama created in the Middle East.

A good question and indeed why South Africa as well. They are dealing with the ANC to also supply like Egypt , “Russia agreed to loan Egypt $25 billion to build a nuclear reactor.# to build a Nuclear reactor that will probably take SA 50 years to pay off!??? Is that a way to bind the Middle East and others with cords of debt to Russia (Putin)!!???

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medvedev-netanyahumedvedev-abbas-shakinghands(Jericho, West Bank) — Make no mistake: the Kremlin is not waiting for the Trump-Pence administration to staff up and figure out its policies in the epicenter.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev are moving aggressively to meet with Middle Eastern leaders, court them, woo them, sell them weapons, sell them nuclear technology, and whisper in their ears that Moscow — not Washington — is the friend and ally they can trust over the long haul.

Last week, just days after the stunning American elections, I arrived in Jericho to host a conference of Palestinian pastors and ministry leaders and their wives. As it happened, when my wife and I arrived at the hotel where the conference was to be held, we found it surrounded by heavily armed soldiers. There were new checkpoints on all the nearby roads. There were snipers on the roof. There were armed bodyguards everywhere, and the lobby was filled…

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