Alt Media Will Be Gone in 6 Months, Unless We Act Quickly

(Before It’s News)




We do not have to wait for Obama’s giveaway of the Internet to ICANN to bring about mass censorship of the Independent Media. The attacks are already commencing.

This morning, I was banned from Facebook for posting a video about how my small community defeated the New World Order by restoring our lost property rights when the forces of John McCain and the Central American Free Trade Agreement/CANAMEX Highway Corridor were trying to force myself and 300 of my neighbors off of their land without compensation.

Now, I have learned that YouTube has a new program called Heroes which will bring an end to all patriot community participation on Youtube. Trolls as young as 13 years old will have the ability to flag YouTube sites that they don’t like. Three flags results in the deletion of the YoutTube Channel. 

No, I am not making this up. The Patriot community will go extinct, in the near future, with regard to bringing the public the truth. Yes, I am talking about 100% censorship within months. And you can bet that this will not end with the elimination of the Independent Media from the Internet, YouTube and Facebook.

Below is a succinct account of YouTube’s version of draconian censorship.

After viewing the video, in which the meaningful part of the presentation starts at about 90 seconds in, ask yourself how should the truth tellers in America respond? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Update: I was just contacted by one of my sources concerning my Facebook account being banned. I was told that the plan is in the works to eliminate all meaningfull alternative media within six months. There are even plans to attach civil and criminal penalities for any attempt to post anything negative about Muslim extremism or the criticism of government officials and their policies.  Further, my source said that he was convinced that the military would rise up if the people would take a stand. A line in the sand has been drawn, what are we going to do about this? 


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SEEN.LIFE- the Sane Alternative to FACEBOOK

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