DISCERNMENT: Christians Without It Are Easy Prey for the Devil

It would probably take at least 4 or 5 articles to speak about the great wave of apostasy which has swept over the church in the past few years.  I will focus on one area of deception which is ever…

Source: DISCERNMENT: Christians Without It Are Easy Prey for the Devil


Listen what I say, far be it to teach, but  take it to heart if possible. When the going gets hard, dig deeper into scripture, you’ll be surprised at how much there is to be gleaned even after 28 years of personal study through the guidance by the Holy Spirit. Don’t go running after other books and Preachers, Churches and Prophets. The answers is right there in your inner room where you meet with G_D and with Jesus through the presence of G_D’s Spirit in your heart. (Deut 30:14 and Ps 32 [:8]) Yes He is my hiding place and He will counsel me. What’s the use of Jesus sending you the Comforter baptizing you in the Holy Spirit but you still run after other comforters. Remember what happened to King Saul! Be prepared in good time and the bad times. Put on the Armour of the Light (Rom 13:12-4). Remember you have clothed yourself with Christ being sons of G_D through faith in Christ Jesus, for all of you who were baptised into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ and have become one with Christ Jesus Son of G_D! (Gal 3: 26-28). Please take this in the spirit I share this, and don’t forget to test it.🙂 Amen and Maranatha! Ps. Thank you Geri for being a light to us . . . !

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